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Experience superior language solutions with our translation company. Our commitment to precision, linguistic expertise, and rigorous quality assurance guarantees accurate, culturally resonant translations for your global communication needs.

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Our translation company is a beacon of linguistic excellence. With meticulous hiring, advanced technology, subject matter experts, and efficient project management, we deliver impeccable translations that transcend cultural and linguistic boundaries. Elevate your global communication with us.

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We provide our client with a conclusive package of language related services.

Voice Over

Elevate your multimedia with expertly voiced content, delivering and culturally attuned audio experiences to diverse audiences.


Tailored content adaptation for global markets, ensuring cultural resonance and UX across languages, boosting international success.


Polished document formatting, ensuring professional, visually appealing content that resonates with your audience.


Expert language conversion for precise global communication, bridging linguistic gaps seamlessly, delivering your message effectively.


Rigorous linguistic testing to guarantee language accuracy and cultural appropriateness in your materials.


Subtle, accurate, and on-time subtitling services enhancing multimedia content for wider audience reach.

In Almost Every Field...

Localization Universe has many production teams capable of handling various fields of specializations.


Translation and localizationpass through a multi-phase process that includesseveral stages:

The first step in translation and localization industry is preparing the project for translation. The preparation process starts by the Project Manager who receives the client’s files. The PM then arranges a kickoff meeting in which the work plan is discussed, resources are assigned their roles, and time frame is set.

The second step is carrying out analysis. The project manager sends all the source filesto the engineering team who extracts the content and converts them into a workable format.

At this stage, project files are ready to be handled linguistically. This stage involves three steps; Translation, Editing and Proofreading (TEP). Language is first handled by native translators who read the original material and rephrase it in the target language, ensuring that the meaning of the source text is kept as is. Then a professional reviewer improves the language style, corrects the translation mistakes and makes sure that every word is correctly translated. The third step that is normally done is Proofreading. It involves checking the document, making sure that all instructions are stuck toand providing an error-free translation. Arabic Proofreading is the final stage. It is performedby native Arabic linguists who check that all linguistic structures, spelling and grammar are accurate.

The translated content is sent to the QC department that runs human and automated checks for missing translations, inconsistencies, number and punctuation issues. This is performed at the end of each translation task by means of QC tools.

After all checks are done, the whole project is sent to the project manager who sends it to the DTP department in case the project contains type setting, layouts, graphics, etc. Our comprehensive Desktop Publishing services include:

  • Formatting and layout of localized materials to mirror originals and comply with target-language standards
  • Generation of PDF files for online and print publication DTP quality assurance checks
  • Extraction of content for translation from any DTP application or file format

Localizing your content is just the first step. We help you make sure that your materials are perfectly formatted and appealing to your target markets through high quality DTP.

Before delivery, the project is returned to the project manager who sends it to the localization engineer to create a new version of the package and send it once more to the project manager. Now the project ready for delivery. We are committed to provide a high-quality product on the specified time and date set by the client and confirmed by us.


We carry out a quality plan that includes several processes, utilizing the following techniques:

Meticulous Hiring

Our stringent selection process ensures skilled linguists with deep cultural understanding, guaranteeing accurate translations.


We leverage cutting-edge translation tools and AI for consistency, efficiency, and precision in every project.

Subject Matter Experts

Specialized linguists in various industries provide expertise to convey domain-specific jargon accurately and fluently.

Efficient Project Management

Our organized workflow and dedicated teams ensure timely deliveries while maintaining top-notch translation quality.

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